Research & Development

Thanks to our commitment to innovation in polymer emulsions and our technical expertise in application and development, Archroma has supplied industries and consumers worldwide for more than 90 years with tailor-made solutions and sustainable answers. Headquartered in Brazil, Sao Paulo, we are a global business unit with production facilities and operations in more than 12 countries. Our local expertise around the world is market orientated to respond to your needs.

Discover below how our remarkable technologies in emulsions for paints and coatings, construction, adhesives, textiles, leather and paper can also help you to achieve value-added effects to your final products.

Research and product development

Archroma’s global emulsions Research & Development facilities are located in Suzano, Brazil, and are part of Archroma’s global R&D organization, with several sites in Europe. We are a world leader in the field of specialty chemicals and provide global solutions for our customers.

Focus on the customer in our Application laboraties research and product development

We continuously strive to achieve innovative solutions for our customers with our wide range of copolymer and terpolymer emulsions, using our local expertise along with our global network and its intensive exchange of know-how. Our local application laboratories work together with our global R&D department to provide a quick response to the market and customer needs.

Monomer systems and production technology

Our products and services are based on specialty chemicals which play a crucial role in our customers manufacturing and processing operations and give their finished products new, value-enhancing properties. We employ a wide range of monomer systems for our copolymer and terpolymer emulsions. In this way we are able to respond equally directly to our customer’s needs and the different market requirements in the regions worldwide. The major monomer systems used are Polyvinylacetate (PVA), Vinylacrylate (VAC), VeoVaTM Copolymers and Terpolymers, Acrylates, Styrene-Acrylates and other specialties.

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