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Literally thousands of satisfied customers have been witness to the outstanding success of Archroma´s Mowilith® emulsions since its first patent was obtained in 1912. This tradition is today Archroma´s driving force for the future, thanks to continuous investments in research and development to provide state-of-the-art, environmentally responsible and sustainable product options. Water-based and tailor made for your needs, Mowilith® emulsions can greatly contribute to successful product formulations and offer competitive advantages in a variety of industries. Paint, construction, adhesives, textile and paper industries typically benefit from the properties that Mowilith® emulsions have to offer, supported by our global R&D center.

Key Markets

Archroma’s emulsions serve the following markets along the whole value chain:

  • Paints – Decorative interior and exterior, primers, varnishes and industrial applications
  • Construction – Concrete applications, roofing, tiling, sealants, primers, mortars admixtures
  • Adhesives – Wood, paper, lamination, packaging and Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (PSA)
  • Textiles and Paper – Functional effects and coatings for the textiles and paper industries

Products & Services

  • Mowilith® used in paints, construction, adhesives and specialties
  • Mowicoll® used in adhesives
  • Appretan®, Emucryl® and Printofix® binder used in textiles
  • Cartaseal®, Cartacol® and Cartacoat® used in paper
  • Major monomer systems include: Vinyl Acetate, Acrylates, Styrene and other Specialties
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